Kris Kristofferson. Loving Her Was Easier / Epitaph (Black And Blue)

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Kris Kristofferson released this record in 1971. The A side, Lovin Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) is a beautiful love song with real nostalgic feel. This song reached number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and on Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks Chart at #4. The B side of the record is Epitaph (Black and Blue). This 45 is a radio station copy that sounds good but shows a little wear. I would say it is in good condition.

Kristofferson attended San Mateo High School, after which he enrolled at Pomona College, \and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature. 

After graduating, he received a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University and became a student at Merton College. He completed his studies with a Bachelors degree in English Literature.

After graduation Kristofferson joined the military. That was 1960 on the urging from his father, eventually reaching the rank of Captain and serving as a helicopter pilot.

Kristofferson had been offered a chance to teach at West Point but just before he was to take that position he decided to move to Nashville and try his hand a music and writing music. 

Following his move to Nashville he tried his hand at several odd jobs to put food on the table and cover expenses. He got a job sweeping floors at Columbia Recording Studios. He met June Carter Cash and gave her an audio tape to pass on to Johnny. It appeared the Cash put the tape away with the many others he had gotten about the same time, so Kristofferson took the matter into his own hands, and landed a helicopter in Cash’s front yard. The start of a great and lasting friendship between two of Country Musics best. Cash recorded that song, Sunday Morning Coming Down.

Kris Kristofferson is known as an award winning singer, songwriter, and actor. Now in his early 80's is still touring and remains active in other endeavors as well. 

I can say I have seen Kristofferson in concert many times during his career and there was never a disappointment, he really is one of the great ones.