Layng Martine. Rub It In / Rub It In

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"Rub It In" is a song written and originally recorded by Layng Martine.  His version, released on the Barnaby Records label, was produced by Ray Stevens and was a U.S. chart single in the fall of 1971, reaching number 65. Billy Crash Craddock covered the song in 1974, on the album Rub It In, taking it to Number One on the country music charts and Top 20 on the pop charts. He told Tom Roland in The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits that many stations refused to play it at first because they thought it was risque. "I said, 'We're talking about suntan lotion, and if you still think it's risque, then don't play it,'" Craddock said. "Evidently, they all went back and listened to it, and it was the biggest record we ever had."

This record #ZS7 2041 is in very good condition for a record that was a radio station copy and did see some air play. On side has easy rock noted on the label in pen and the other side is without marking.