Mark / Almond. Lonely Girl / Lonely Girl

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Columbia Records released Lonely Girl by Mark / Almond in 1973. This is a radio station promo record with the same song on both sides. One in mono and one in stereo. This song was written by J. Mark and produced by Jon Mark and Bill Blue.

Mark/Almond was a jazz-influenced English pop group which was very active during the time period of 1970 through 1981. The two main members were Jon Mark, who was lead singer, played guitar, percussion, harmonica and Johnny Almond who played saxophone, flute, bass flute and sang back up. The rest of the band was comprised of different musicians for touring and recording. Some of the those players included Charles Mingus the jazz bassist, Dannie Richmond the drummer and others included Dave Marotta, Carlos Rios, Mark Ross, Tommy Tedesco, Bobby Torres, Bill Berg, Tommy Eyre and Larry Knechtel.

This 45 rpm record is in very good condition except for four little lines of markings to do with radio airplay on the mono side.