Matt Kenseth #17 Smirnoff Ice 2004 Ford Taurus

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Matt Kenseth #17 Smirnoff Ice 2004 Ford Taurus. The Team Caliber Owners Series is the finest diecast that Team Caliber produces. Metal Shifter, metal steering wheel, right side net, mirror, NASCAR regulation roll cage, suspension adjustment posts, scoring sensor, trunk teathers, overflow vent, fuel filler tube,small window net, contoured racing seat with side bolsters, batter box in front of left rear tire,speedway exhausts, interior radios, suspension system, SVO Valve cover, oil radiator and much more. This is the owners series the most preferred by collectors. Car comes on a platform and has a Owners Series coin with production numbers and a Team Caliber Certificate Of Authenticity. Matt Kenseth won the championship in 2003.