Maxi Maxwell. If Love Was A Song / Hijacker

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In 1985 this 45 rpm record by Maxi Maxwell was produced by the legendary Bill Woods and released on his Angela Celeste Records (named for his wife). Another interesting fact about this record the Buckaroos played the music on both songs. The A side was written by Rock Top aka Bob Jones, the B side was written by Maxi Maxwell.

Although this record is about Maxi Maxwell I found in interesting how it as tied to Bill Woods. So I thought a little background about Woods was important to the quality of this record.  This record is in brand new condition.

Bill Woods, the man credited with creating the hard-driving “Bakersfield Sound” later made famous by Buck Owens he was born in 1924 in Denison, Texas. During World War II he worked in shipyards in California.

As a guitarist he toured with Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys after which he settled in Bakersfield, California around 1950. He formed the Orange Blossom Playboys and for 14 years the were the house band for the Blackboard night club. During that time he hired a young guitarist by the name of Buck Owens and later he brought Merle Haggard into the band. Singer Red Simpson was another of his protege. 

We lost Bill Woods in 2003 but his work live on.