Mike Oldfield. Tubular Bells / Tubular Bells

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Tubular Bells (Now The Original Theme From The "Exorcist") by Mike Oldfield. Both sides of this single have the same song but on the A side the song is 3:18 in length on the B side the song is 4:39 in length.

This song was written by Mike Oldfield and released on Virgin Records in 1973. This song was credited for launching Virgin Records. This song became a hit in the United States after the opening was used as the theme for the movie, "The Exorcist".

Mike Oldfield was born in England in 1953. Oldfield a self taught musician. He began playing clubs around his home as a teenager. He plays many instruments including guitar, bass, banjo, piano, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer, mandolin, harp; tympani, vibraphone, drums, tubular bells and is a vocalist.

This record is in very good condition, the A side has some marking that occurred when it was a hit.