Miriam Makeba. Forbidden Games / Dubula

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This is a 1974 release by RCA Victor Records and Hugu and Luigi Productions. Miriam Makeba's Forbidden Games on the A side while Dubula is the B side.

This 45 rpm record is in very good condition.

When Makeba signed with RCA Victor and released her first studio album in 1960 backed by Harry Belafonte's Band. The label was so impressed they decided to go to Gallotone Records and purchase her contract for $45,000. RCA did this despite the fact that Makeba was not allowed to perform in South Africa.

In 1962 Makeba and Belafonte sang at the birthday party for US President John F Kennedy at Madison Square Garden.

In 1964, Makeba released her second studio album for RCA, The World Of Miriam Makeba and the album peaked at number eighty-six on the Billboard 200.