Mitch Ryder. Detroit

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This album is from 1987. The group is called Detroit with Mitch Ryder. It is on Paramount Records. On this album are the following songs: Long Neck Goose; Is It You (Or Is It Me); It Ain't Easy; Rock 'N'Roll; Let It Rock; Drink; Box Of Old Roses and I Found A Love.

This group called Detroit is beyond Detroit Wheels however with longtime drummer John "Bee" Gadanjek and guitarist Steve Hunter and Mitch Ryder in the group it is not far removed from the classic Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels that we all remember. The music is possibly a bit dated and maybe a hair slower that his top material for the 1960's but excellent none the less. 

This group is certainly firmly rooted in the rock and roll tradition that is Detroit.

This album is mint. It is still in its original wrap.