Mott The Hoople. All The Way From Memphis / All The Way From Memphis

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In 1973 Columbia Records released this 45 rpm record by Mott The Hoople called All The Way From Memphis written by I Hunter, arranged by I Hunter and produced by Mott.

This 45 is a radio station promotional copy and for that reason has the same song on both sides, one side is mono and the other is stereo. When a record company puts out a promo copy they do not produce very many and that makes them rare from the beginning. This record is in very good, near new condition.

Mott the Hoople an English rock band with strong  R&B roots, popular during the glam rock era of the early to mid to mid 1970's. They are best known for the song "All The Young Dudes", written for them by David Bowie.

Mott the Hoople were formed in 1966 as the Doc Thomas Group with Mick Ralphs on guitar, Stan Tippins on vocals, and Pete Overend Watts on bass. The Doc Thomas Group had a sit down gig at a nightclub in a resort town in Italy

Although the group toured and recorded in Italy as the Doc Thomas Group, their gigs in the UK were played under the names of the Shakedown Sound and later, as Silence.

The band's debut album, Mott the Hoople  which was released in 1969 only took one week to record. It became a cult success.