Mott The Hoople. All The Young Dudes / All The Young Dudes

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Released as a 45 rpm record in 1972 by Columbia Records, All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople that is a song written by David Bowie. This is a promotional copy of the record with stereo on one side and mono on the other. This record was released as a record for radio stations in an effort to gain frequent air play.

This band was one of those who can honestly say they almost made it but not quite. They did score some album based rock hits during the 1970's but were never able to break through the mainstream. Ian Hunter was the lead vocalist and pianist, he was a late addition to the band who developed into its focal point. The band included Mick Ralphs as guitarist, he kept the group in the hard rock sound, even with flirting with homosexual imagery and glammy makeup. However as time went on their lack of success gradually ended the group. In the 70's Ralphs left and formed Bad Company and Hunter launched his own solo career. 

This 45 is in very good condtion.