Paul & Linda McCartney. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey / Too Many People

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This 45 was released on Apple label in 1971. It was recorded in November of 1970. This song was rated #22 of all the singles released in 1971 by Billboard.

"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" is composed of several unfinished song fragments that McCartney stitched together similar to the medleys from the Beatles' album  Abbey Road.  The song is notable for its sound effects, including the sounds of a thunderstorm, with rain, heard between the first and second verses, the sound of McCartney's voice with a "telephone" effect heard after the second verse, and the sound of chirping sea birds and wind by the seashore. Linda's voice is heard in the harmonies as well as the bridge section of the "Admiral Halsey" portion of the song.

The song is excellent. This single sounds good but it shows some wear.