Paul McCartney. McCartney

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This is an excellent album released on Apple Records #STAO 3363 in 1970 by Paul McCartney. On this excellent album, his first solo album are the following songs: The Lovely Linda; That Would Be Something; Valentine Day; Every Night; Hot As Sun; Glasses; Junk; Man We Was Lonely; Oo You; Momma Miss America; Teddy Boy; Singalong Junk; Maybe I'm Amazed and Kreen - Akrore. The instruments and voices by Paul and the Photos and Harmonies by Linda.

When Paul's debut solo album, titled McCartney hit the mass market in 1970, it was a shock to many and a surprise to most as it was far and away different than what was expected from him. This is an album of Paul's choosing it was songs, experiments, and just Paul enjoying himself and having fun made on his own at his home.

A solo career that now has spanned 5 decades and is still going strong.

This album is in very good condition. Looks good and sounds good.