Rare Earth. I Just Want To Celebrate / I Just Want To Celebrate

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This 45 rpm single was released in 1971 on Rare Earth Records an affiliated label of Motown Records by Rare Earth.

This is a promotional radio station copy with both sides having the same song, one side is mono and one side is stereo.

In 1971 the song I Just Want To Celebrate climbed to number 7 on Billboards Hot 100 Singles chart.

Rare Earth is an American rock band that was affiliated with Motown's Rare Earth record label (this label was named after the band). Rare Earth was doing great between 1970 and 1972. They were not the first all white band signed by Motown Records they were the first big hit making act signed by Motown that consisted of only white members.

This record was a radio station release making it a bit more rare than those purchased in the stores. This one has a few minor scratches, nothing serious and it does sound good. It is just not perfect but has a lot of good listening left.