Redd Foxx. The New Fugg

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This album was released in 1962 by Redd Foxx on Dootone Record Corporation. He was said to be the funniest man in the World and after you hear the contents of this album you will probably agree. On this album are the following bits: Lucky Loan; Pain in the Neck; Beauty Parlor; The Black Tongue; The Job Interview; The Native Guide; Broken Wine Bottle; Slandered Wife; The New Fugg; Cowboy Pronunciation; The Drinking Curse; The Much Married Matron; The Conscientious Objector; Lie Detector; Ex-Wife; The Tree; St. Louis; Two Ends; Grow; Down South; Lots Wife; Lovers Memory; Election; The Town; Capitol Punishment; The Bus; The Judge; Smoke Rings; My Wife; Rape; Cutting Liquor; Love Credit; Bar Girl and Hit Song.

This album is in near mint condition as is the cover.