Steppenwolf. Slow Flux

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Slow Flux is the seventh studio album by Steppenwolf. This album was released in August of 1974 by Epic Records. In the US it was released on the Mums Record label, a short-lived CBS Records subsidiary. This was the first of three albums by the band after they reformed in 1974. They disbanded again in 1976.

The songs on this album include: Straight Shootin' Woman; Smokey Factory Blues; Justice Don't Be Slow; Fishin' In The Dark; Get Into The Wind; Children Of Night; Gang War Blues; A Fool's Fantasy; Morning Blue and Jeraboah. This album was produced by Steppenwolf and engineered by Ed Bannon.

The album is in excellent condition, the inner sleeve is near mint and has the lyrics on it. The cover is in very good condition.