Stonewall Jackson. Herman Schwartz / Lovin' The Fool Out Of Me

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This is a 1973 release by Stonewall Jackson on MGM Records. Herman Schwartz was the A side while Lovin' The Fool Out Of Me was the B side. This record reached number 41 on the United States Country Charts.

Stonewall Jackson was born in November of 1932 and is a country singer, guitarist and musician. He reached his greatest fame during country's golden honky tonk era in the 1950's and early 1960's.

Jackson, born in Tabor City, North Carolina. Stonewall is not a nickname, he was named after the Confederate Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. Some publicity for the singer claimed he was a decedent of the general, although that would be extremely unlikely. 

In 2006, Jackson sued the Grand Ole Opry for $10 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damage, claiming age discrimination. As a member of the Opry for over fifty years, Jackson believed that management was sidelining him in favor of younger artists. In his court filing, Jackson claimed that Opry general manager Pete Fisher stated that he did not "want any gray hairs on that stage or in the audience, and before I'm done there won't be any." Fisher is also alleged to have told Jackson that he was "too old and too country." The lawsuit was settled on October 3, 2008 for an undisclosed amount and Jackson returned to performing on the show. He has been a member of the Opry since 1956.

This forty five sounds good and is very good condition considering the fact it was used for a short while for radio broadcast.