The Brothers In Him. The Brothers In Him

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The Brothers In Him, an excellent uptempo gospel group from Vancouver, Washington. This album was released on B. I. H. Records by them in 1974. It was recorded in Eugene, Oregon at A.J.M Productions. Engineered by David Ford. 

The album cover offers Thanks to Grant Wiley, Gary Nieland of Garland Records and the legendary Champs and Dale "Diamond" Hansen DJ and Promoter.

I can tell you that the young men that put this album out were great guys, very talented and very real, it was a pleasure to know them and a treat to hear them.

The following songs are on this album: Jesus Cares, The Coming Of The Lord, I Believe In Jesus, Help Me,I Should Have Been Crucified, What A Happy Day, Jesus, The Lighthouse, Had It Not Been, King Jesus and One More Day.

This album is still in its original packaging, never opened.