The Byrds. Pretty Boy Floyd / I Am A Pilgrim

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This is a 1968 record release by the Byrds on Columbia Records label #4-44643. This copy of the 45 was released as a Radio Station Copy but has two songs on it, that makes it a little different than most radio station copies which had the same song on both sides. The A side of this one had a Woody Guthrie song Pretty Boy Floyd and the flip side had a song penned by Chris Hillman called I Am A Pilgrim. Both of these songs can bed found on their Sweetheart Of The Rodeo album on the Columbia Label. This 45 is in excellent condition VG+.

The Byrds a strong rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 1964. The band did go through many lineup changes throughout its run. Roger McGuinn (known as Jim McGuinn until mid 1967) was the sole consistent member. Though their big time successes were for a short period in the mid 1960's their influence and impact on the rock scene lives on. 

Originally the band a pioneer in the folk rock style that was popular as a format in 1965, that was evident on their hit singles Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn, Turn, Turn. They were later progressed into the psychedelic rock with Eight Miles High.  Later they were credited with the development of country rock music. 

Point of interest the original five piece lineup of the Byrds consisted of Jim McGuinn as lead guitar and vocals, Gene Clark as tambourine and vocals, David Crosby as rhythm guitar and vocals,  Chris Hillman as bass guitar and vocals and Michael Clarke on drums. In early 1966 Clark left because he had problems with anxiety and then they continued as a quartet until late in 1967 when McGuinn and Hillman decided to recruit new members. Among them was Gram Parsons but by late in 1968 Parsons and Hillman exited the band. It was then that McGuinn decided to rebuild the band which featured the guitar work of Clarence White and a number of others. In 1973 there was a reunion of the original quintet with that their final album was released in 1973. 

The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and that was the last time the five original members played together.