The Honeys. The One You Can't Have / From Jimmy With Tears

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The Honeys released this 45 in 1963 on Capitol Records. The A side, The One You Can't Have was written and produced by Brian Wilson. Capitol # 5093.

The Honeys were a girl group formed in Los Angeles in 1963. The group consisted of Marilyn Rovell (Later Marilyn Wilson - Rutherford), her sister Diane Rovell and their friend Ginger Blake. The group was kind of a female counterpart to the Beach Boys. Brian Wilson was The Honeys record producer and primary songwriter. Brian Wilson and Marilyn were married in late 1964. 

The Honeys (a slang term for a female surfing enthusiast)  Marilyn and Diane had met the Beach Boys when the boys performed at a Hollywood club called Pandora's Box in late 1962. At that time Brian and Marilyn (who were still in high school, began dating each other. It was not long and Wilson brought the girls into the recording studio to produce some of their songs.  "Surfin' Down the Swanee River", "Shoot the Curl", "Pray for Surf" just to mention a few. Wilson also included the girls as backup performers on Beach Boys records like Be True To Your School, for Bruce Johnston on the title song of his Surfin' album, Round The World and for Jan and Dean on the hit singles, The New Girl In School, Dead Mans Curve and The Little Old Lady from Pasadena. During 1963 and 1964 the girls released several singles of their own. 

The Honeys' career faded as surfing music started to fade. Marilyn and Brian  became the parents of Carnie and Wendy Wilson, who later found fame as Wilson Phillips. In the early 1970's Marilyn and Diane got back together as a duo known as American Spring also under the production eye of Brian Wilson.  

This record is in mint condition.