The Impacts. Green Green Field / Don't You Dare

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This record was released in 1966 by The Impacts from Longview, Washington. The record was recorded at Bobby Gibson's Ripcord Studio in Vancouver, Washington.

The band was excellent and they were on the Northwest music scene from about 1964 to 1971. Most of their recording was done in Vancouver, Washington. The legendary Pat Mason from Seaside, Oregon was their promoter and booking agent. They toured with Dick and Dee Dee in the mid to late 1960's.

Some members of the band included: Henry "Spook": Brusco on Drums, Dick Sayles on Keyboard, Bill Uhlig on Bass, Dan "Spyder" White on Keyboards, LaDonna Lockman on Vocals, Steve Green on Drums, Bruce Earqubar on Guitar and Ron Baldwin on Vocals.

This 45 is in very good condition.