The Jewels. But I Do / Smokey Joe

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This record was released in June of 1965 by The Jewels on Dimension Records.

The Jewels a girl group from Washington, D.C.

The group began singing as The Impalas in 1961, where its members had attended Roosevelt High School and sang in Trinity AME Zion Church. Interestingly in the early time as a group they actually began performing in Bo Diddley's basement. Diddley recorded their debut single, I Need You So Much which was released on Checker Records. The record never caught on, and in 1962 producer Bob Lee changed the group's name to The Four Jewels. Their next single, Loaded With Goodies was released on Start Records a local label. After that on Chess they released, That's What They Put Erasers On Pencils For.  They shortened their name to The Jewels one of the girls left and they brought in a replacement. 

In 1964 the group signed to Dimension Records and released the single Opportunity. Late in 1964 the tune peaked at #64 on the US Billboard Hot 100 but climbed to #2 on KRLA 1110. Then came this single which missed the national charts, it gained substantial airplay but never the charts. This marked the end of their deal with Dimension.   

Beginning in 1965, the group toured across the U.S. as back up vocalists for James Brown. The group disbanded in 1968. 

When the group split up, Martha Harvin adopted her stage name as Martha High and went on tour with Brown for some thirty years. 

The original four reunited in 1985 and released an album of their singles re-recordstage name to Martha High and went on to tour with Brown for some thirty years, in addition to releasing a solo disco album in 1979.[2] The original four members reunited in 1985 and released an album of re-recordings of their singles entitled Loaded With Goodies. 

This forty five is in excellent condition. On the A side is a red x marking the plug side. This record is a promotional copy.