The Maines Brothers. Whatcha Gonna Do When The Sun Goes Down / Whatcha Gonna Do When The Sun Goes Down

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The Maines Brothers recorded and released this 45 rpm in 1985 on the Mercury Record Label. This is a promotional copy for radio stations and is in very good condition. The same song is on both sides of the record.

The Maines Brothers Band is a Texas-based country music group. The history is deep for the Maines. The Maines Brothers for which the band was named are Lloyd Maines who plays steel, rhythm and electric guitar and does vocals, Donnie Maines on percussions and vocals, Kenny Maines the lead vocalist, bass player and plays harmonica and Steve Maines also a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. Other members of the band have included Jerry Brownlow, Randy Brownlow, Cary Banks, Richard Bowden, and LaTronda Maines. 

The Maines Brothers Band got its start in the mid-1950s with James and Sonny Maines, father and uncle of the above mentioned Maines boys who originally started out as "The Little Maines Brothers Band". That continued until the mid 1970s when they took over the official name. 

Point of interest Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is Lloyd Maine's daughter.