The O'Jays. One Night Affair / There's Someone

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The O'jays released this 45 rpm record in 1969 on Neptune records. The song One Night Affair was written by K. Gamble and L. Huff and was a Gamble-Huff production.

This group was formed  in Canton, Ohio in 1958 while they were attending Canton McKinley High School. They started out under the name, The Triumps and then changed it to The Mascots. Their first recording was in 1961 and was actually a mild hit in the Cleveland area. In 1963, they took the name "The O'Jays", in tribute to Cleveland radio disc jockey Eddie O'Jay who was part of the powerful management team. In 1963, The O'Jays released "Lonely Drifter," their first national chart hit on the  Billboard Hot 100. 

Throughout the 1960s, they hit the charts with minor hits like, "Lipstick Traces, "Stand In For Love", "Stand Tall", "Let It All Out" and others. The O'Jays were more prominent on the R&B charts through the sixties and on into the first of the seventies. "I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow" recorded in 1968 was there only top 10 R&B single prior to 1972. 

This record is in excellent condition.