The Sandpipers. Misty Roses

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This album was released in 1967 on A & M Records by The Sandpipers. This album reached #135 on the Billboard top 200 albums. This album includes the following songs: Cuando Sali De Cuba; And I Love Her; Fly Me To The Moon; Strange Song; The Honeywind Blows; Misty Roses; Today; I Believed It All; Daydream and Wooden Heart. This album was produced by Tommy Li Puma.

The Sandpipers were an easy listening trio who did a very good job of carving a niche in 60's folk rock with their great  vocals and innovative arrangements of international ballads. The founding members of The Sandpipers were Jim Brady born in 1944 in Los Angeles, Richard Shoff born in 1944 in Seattle and Mike Piano born in 1944 in Rochester, New York.  These guys firs performed together in the Mitchell Boys Choir, before forming the Four Seasons with friend Nick Cahuernga. Due to the rising popularity of a group with that name in New Jersey they changed their name to the A Grads and continued as a trio.  

Although the Grads never hit the charts with their first recordings, they performed well enough to secure a residency at Harrah's Lake Club (now Harveys Lake Tahoe) where a friend brought them to the attention of Herb Alpert of A&M Records. Alpert was impressed with the Grads, but after one single without success the group agreed to a name change, choosing the Sandpipers out of a dictionary. The scored their first hit with the the Cuban anthem "Guantanamera". 

This album is in very good plus condition.