The Steve Miller Band. Brave New World

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This Brave New World album by The Steve Miller Band was released in 1969 on Capitol Records. Capitol Records #SKAO-184.

Brave New World is the third album by The Steve Miller Band and the first album following the departure of founding members Boz Scaggs and Jim Peterman. 

The track "My Dark Hour" featured Paul McCartney (credited as Paul Ramon) on backing vocals, drums, guitar and bass guitar, and he performed additioanl backing vocals on Celebration Song. My Dark Hour was recorded in a late night session on May 9.1969 after an argument between McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo over a contract regarding a financial manager for The Beatles. Interestingly Lennon, Star and Harrison walked out leaving McCartney at Olympic Studios with Miller who was the only of his band members that attended the session. and the song emerged from Miller and McCartney jamming.  

On this album were the following songs: Brave New World; Seasons; Space Cowboy; Got Love 'Cause You Need It; Lt's Midnight Dream; Can't you Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat; Celebration Song; Kow Kow and In My Dark Hour