The Zero End. Lid To Go / Hey Joe

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It was the early 1960's when this band was formed in a small town, Svenson Oregon. The Zero End was an exceptionally talented rock band, full of energy and talent. Where ever they played the crowd loved them for their musical talent and high energy. This record gained top 40  air play in the Portland area and actually charted in the top 10. This was the second of the bands recordings. Lid To Go was written by Bill Maley and Carl Salo. Maley played rhythm guitar while Salo was in charge of the key board and was lead vocalist. On the b side was Hey Joe. The band had their own arrangement of this song, it actually made the song even better than the original version. Charlie Raw was the bass player on this record. 

This record was recorded in Salem, Oregon at Garland Record Recording. Both of their records were released on Garland label. This record was produced by Dale Hansen.

The popularity of The Zero End grew rapidly, they played throughout a good share of the Northwest. Back when the Crystal Ballroom was the hot spot in Portland, they played it. Where you saw them and when is not as important as the lasting impression this excellent group left on you, one that will last a lifetime.

This copy of the record sounds good but shows some wear.