CD. Tim Wilson. Gettin' My Mind Right

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This excellent and funny CD has 33 Tim Wilson Comedy Classics. This CD was released in 1999 by Capitol Records and includes these great comedy classics: Peterbilt Prison; Al Gore; White Guys; Abe Lincoln; Thomas Edison; Luther Crawel; 100 Things To Remember; Uncle B.S. - 1963; Uncle B.S - 1941; Uncle B.S. - 1945; Uncle B.S. - 1835; Centerfold, Alabama; The Devil Was A Nerd In High School; Ben Wright; English People; Lady Di's Boyfriend; The Pyramids; King Of England; Merle The Martian; Nail Guns; Bobby Knight; William Kimler; Carla Faye Tucker; Nashville Name-Dropping School; Think/Thunk; Cult Leader; If You Try To Save This Marriage Again; Haircut Malpractice; Uncle B.S. - 1955; Uncle B.S. - 1944; Uncle B.S. 1 Hour BC; Hebrew Wife; Sumo Wrestler Santa Claus.

This is a like new CD. Excellent condition.