Veronique Sanson. Veronique Sanson

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Elktra Records released this self titled album Veronique Sanson in 1973.

This album is a radio station release #EKS-75050. The album in VG+ condition. It is very nice.

On this album are the following songs: Amoureuse; Toutest Casse, Toutest Mort; L'irreparable; Louis' Mariavah; Pour Les Michel; Pour Qui; Green, Green, Green; I Need3ed Nobody; Bahia; C'est Le Monment and Birds Of Summer. The album was produced by Michel Berger.

Véronique Sanson was born near Paris France in 1949.  She is a three time Victoires de la Musique award winning French singer and songwriter as well as being a record producer.