VHS Tape. Football Funnies.

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This VHS tape was released by Goodtimes Home Video Corp. in 1987.

Relive some of the funniest and most outrageous moments in football. You will laugh 'till you cry with the hilarious Football Funnies

This videotape is a hysterical look at the funniest side of football. Bobbled balls, missed cues, bad snaps and a host of other mistakes and blunders make Football Funnies the most enjoyable way to see the lighter side of football.

Football Funnies has original footage from hundreds of professional and college games. Players, coaches, referees, fans, cheerleaders and cameramen all getting into the action. It is a laugh a minute! Approximately 44 minutes in length and in full color.

This VHS Tape is in excellent condition even the cover is very nice.