VHS. Gene Autry 5 Video Box Set Collection

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This excellent box set was mastered from Gene Autry's Personal Archives.


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Born in 1907, Gene Autry became a radio and recording star until, after appearing in the 12 episode serial, "The Phantom Empire" in 1934 he was signed by Republic Studios as the screen's first singing cowboy. Genes 93 movies made him America's Favorite Cowboy until 1953 and he is the only entertainer with five stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, one each for radio, records, movies, television and live theatrical (including Rodeo) appearances.

The movies in the collection are 5 of Autry's most popular early films. They are: The Man From Music Mountain with co-stars Smiley Burnette and Carol Hughes, Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge with co-stars Smiley Burnette and Betty Bronson, Rootin Tootin' Rhythm with co-stars Smiley Burnette and Monte Blue, The Old Coral with co-stars Smiley Burnette and Hope Manning and the fifth film The Old Barn Dance with co-stars Smiley Burnette and Helen Valkis. These films are in black and white.

All five of the tapes are in very good condition and actually are just like new.