VHS Tape. The Seven Year Itch starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell

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1955. 7.1 Stars! Golden Globe Winner and known for the famous images of Marilyn standing over the street grate while the air blew her white dress up in the air, but it is Ewell's film!  When Richard Sherman's (Ewell) family goes away for the summer, Richard decides to take the opportunity to live a bachelor's life - eat, drink, and basically enjoy life without his wife and son. Soon his ditsy blonde neighbor catches his eye and they soon start spending time together. As innocent as it is, his feelings of lust, never acted out, of course, is played out in his own imagination. Tom Ewell's performance is phenomenal and it's too bad Monroe's presence took away from that.  The movie is really about Tom's character and his uncontrollably wild imagination and constant immersion in his job in the field of dime novels is the meat of the movie.  Monroe is the dessert. It's a funny look at the unspoken-of psyche of the American family man!

106  minutes in length