VHS Tape. Twelve O'Clock High starring Gregory Peck

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1949 7.7 Stars! Winner of 2 Oscars. Vintage Perfect Tape.  A Gritty World War II Action Drama seen as one of the most Realistic Portrayals of the Heroics and Perils of War.

After an Air Force Commander reaches his breaking point, General Savage (Peck) takes over the struggling bomber group. Guiding them with kind understanding at the beginning then crushing discipline, turns the group around but the stress of the command eventually takes its toll and Savage begins to unravel.  The authentic aerial battle film sets the realistic tone and Gregory Peck's calm, sultry presence along with other acclaimed performances makes this film a credible, stirring tale of courage and sacrifice.

B&W, 132 Minutes in length - Tape and Case are in Perfect Condition.